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G I V E A W A Y ! ! ! 

So, I’ve been in the fandom for years, and I want to thank all of you that’s been in the fandom as well. I’m willing to give away some of my stuff to you all. I just think that you’ll appreciate it more than me now.

I’ll be giving away: 

  • Hitomi no screen single
  • Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single
  • Hey! Say! 7 single
  • Dreams come true single
  • Mystery Virgin A and B
  • [14] Magazines. (Sorry, too lazy to grab all my mags downstairs, and yes,I will be giving 7 magazines each, so that means 2 people will get it)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP 2008-2009 Calendar
  • JUMP first photobook
  • And for those people that I already know (follow on twitter, or I have already talked to, will be able to get a very special one~ yes it’s the last few photos.)

> Must be following me of course. (I know how you feel, it’s fine if it’s new or w/e, just at least, check my blog out.)

> Likes count

> Reblog as any times as you want

> I ship internationally

> I will chose the winners at random using an app on MAY 21, 2014

Good luck!

favourite season » season five

The five years I’ve spent with you…I’ve been watching you that whole time. Living by the sea, just as I’ve come to understand the sea, I think I’m starting to understand you as well. I’ve come to know when you’ll get angry, laugh, and cry. And I feel that your feelings are for me now. Did I understand wrong?